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Some of the aspects related to http://www.happydiwaliwishesz.in are:

Authenticity & Accuracy :

Everything posted in the site http://www.happydiwaliwishesz.in/ is as much accurate as it can be according to us. We read every post twice or as many times till we find no error. We have our experts who really lay emphasis on such things and they won’t let you down.

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If an email is required at any part of our site then it is promised that it will not be shared to anyone. Email is solely required to prevent the spamming.

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We’ve got advertisements from the third party and we aren’t responsible for anything unwanted. Since, it is in their hands to display ads according to the user’s interest and according to themselves. If any user find it inappropriate, then he/she can either block the ad and can demand to disable the ads. We don’t accept or reject application solely based on a user, rather the efforts would be taken only if sufficient users are observed with the same query.

Content Validity:

All the content published in the site is valid at the time when we publish it. Every content after some particular instance of time become outdated, in that case user cannot argue for any action related to the content we publish. Only he can demand from our writers to modify it or delete it and even then the power will be in the hands of our writers if they want to remove/modify it or reject the demand.

Personal Views:

This site is by the opinion of the makers of the site. All content published in the site is based on personal views. You can also comment below posts and write your own personal views. Also the site is not responsible for something that is not published by the content writer and maybe published by a user in comments.

Copyright Issues:

Any content published on http://www.happydiwaliwishesz.in/ should not be copied or used without letting us knowIf we find someone holding on our content, then we might take some strict actions related to that certain user.


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